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Keynote speakers at the recent Oxfordshire Uncovered launch event provided insights on the challenges facing some people in our county, while also highlighting the uplifting role of local philanthropy in fostering hope.

Oxfordshire Uncovered, OCF’s flagship report that shines a light on the most vulnerable people in our county, was launched on Giving Tuesday 2023 at an event hosted by the High Sheriff of Oxfordshire, Sally Scott. We were delighted to welcome our guests with a mouth-watering selection of canapés from Waste2Taste and Damascus Rose Kitchen, complemented with Tap Social’s renowned beer, all of whom have previously received grant-funding through OCF.

Did you know that giving produces far longer-lasting happiness than buying and consuming, and those who give to and help others have a lower mortality rate? OCF Chief Executive Zoe Sprigings shared these heartening insights regarding the long-term benefit of giving to charity. She then showcased the inspiring work that just a handful of the organisations funded by OCF are doing, offering hope for a brighter future for all Oxfordshire residents.

Watch Zoe’s speech:

Additionally, Sally spoke passionately about the breadth of grassroots charities throughout Oxfordshire and the people they help, having seen first-hand the crucial work that they do. Throughout her Shrieval year Sally has also worked closely with Thames Valley Police’s Assistant Chief Constable, Katy Barrow-Grint, who shared her insights on the impact that poverty and deprivation have on crime in the county, and their proactive measures to address issues such as violence against women and girls.

Sally appealed to all her guests to donate generously to her High Sheriff’s fund, hosted by OCF. These funds will be used to support more grassroots charities doing great work in the heart of communities, directly tackling the issues in Oxfordshire Uncovered. As of February 2024 Sally has raised £38,000 to her fund towards her target of £50,000, which she would like to achieve by the time she hands over the reins as High Sheriff in March 2024.

Delve deeper into the issues highlighted in Oxfordshire Uncovered or email if you would like a paper copy to be sent to you.

Donate to Sally’s High Sheriff’s Fund