Collective giving

Give with people who share your philanthropic interests and make a bigger difference together. By supporting a collective fund, you can direct your giving towards a particular geography or issue.

We believe that people and organisations can have a bigger impact by pooling their funds together. Collective giving allows multiple donors to contribute to shared funds that have a particular theme or focus. The combined power of donors’ funding, as well as their passion for the issue, means these funds have great momentum and can make a long-term positive difference to our communities.

Below are the collective funds that OCF already hosts and accepts donations into. If you are interested in joining with like-minded people of organisations within an existing fund, or in setting up a new collective fund, please contact our Head of Development Kate Parrinder.

Kate Parrinder Kate Parrinder – Head of Development
01865 419467
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Thriving in Nature Fund

The Thriving in Nature Fund will help more people prosper by engaging with green spaces and the rural environment. The focus will be on improving health and wellbeing, and nurturing work opportunities, by supporting charitable organisations to unite people with nature.
Cost of Living Fund

Cost of Living Fund

The Cost of Living Fund will make grants to organisations to help the most disadvantaged in our county cope with this unprecedented crisis. We know what is needed and we’re poised to help. Could you or your business join us in supporting this challenge?
Step Change Fund logo

Step Change Fund

Step Change is a charitable fund focused on helping leading Oxfordshire charities grow and thrive. It uses a unique approach to ensure donor funds are well invested, resulting in an exceptionally high success rate during the life of the fund.
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Collective Business Fund

The Oxfordshire Collective Business Fund is a way for local businesses to make our county a better place to live and work. We pool your funds together with other businesses to amplify your reach and impact.
Didcot Powerhouse Fund

The Didcot Powerhouse Fund

The Didcot Powerhouse Fund was set up by Didcot First and local people to tackle inequality and deprivation within the Didcot Garden Town Area of Influence. Funding offers sustenance to organisations that know the area well, enabling them to be able to help people help themselves.