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Join our Friends

Share in OCF’s successes by contributing discretionary funds of at least £250 a year, which will be used where they are most needed.

At OCF we help you maximise the impact of your philanthropy by harnessing the power of collective funds, expertise and passion, working with our partners for a better Oxfordshire.

Stronger local communities

OCF is a charity that, like other charities, needs your support to do its work. We provide a quality service to the community and to our donors, but we cannot do this without drawing support for the day-to-day costs of the foundation itself.

Join our Friends to support Oxfordshire communities in a simple but effective way: we are asking our Friends to share in our successes by contributing discretionary funds of £250 per year or more.

By making your yearly Friends donation, you will be joining a group of motivated people who are passionate about supporting Oxfordshire, and committed to helping OCF build healthier and stronger local communities. Become part of the wider OCF team.

A gift to our amazing county

We hope that our Friends will be willing to support us in planning for a stable future. Your charitable donation would help us to carry out our core work: researching and consulting on local needs; administering our grant-making; reporting on impact; and ensuring good governance and financial management across our investments and fund distribution.

We couldn’t do this sort of work without our Friends and supporters. Help your local community to thrive by joining with like-minded people to make an ongoing commitment to Oxfordshire. It is a wonderful gift to our amazing county.

How to donate

You can donate now online through our funding platform with Enthuse. Choose to pay annually or monthly, whichever suits you best.

If you would prefer to donate by CAF or cheque, please send it to 3 Woodin’s Way, Oxford, OX1 1HD, with reference “OCF Friends” on the reverse.  Don’t forget to complete a Gift Aid form to really boost the value of your donation (printed copies can be supplied on request).

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