An image of the Thames in Abingdon, ripped away to reveal a lonely older man looking out of a window. Text: Oxfordshire Uncovered Second Edition - Why effective philanthropy is needed to build thriving communities in our county
Oxfordshire Uncovered
Second Edition

Every single person in Oxfordshire deserves to be part of a thriving community, where everyone lives a decent life. Unfortunately, too many people face barriers to their safety, wellbeing and fulfilment.

In 2016, OCF published the first edition of Oxfordshire Uncovered, where we revealed some of the surprising and concerning issues affecting our county. Since then, we have experienced a pandemic, a cost-of-living crisis and increasingly extreme weather, all of which have affected the most vulnerable in our county the greatest. These have highlighted to us the importance of investing in preventative measures and resilience, alongside immediate relief.

In publishing this second edition of Oxfordshire Uncovered, we reveal the latest headlines about the barriers that stop people in Oxfordshire from thriving, and why charities and philanthropy are so vital in our county.

“I highly recommend Oxfordshire Uncovered to anyone who wants to understand how global and national issues – ranging from energy security to refugee movements, from our ageing population to mental health – are playing out locally in this fabulous county that I’m proud to call home.”

Professor Irene Tracey CBE, FRS, FMedSci, Vice-Chancellor, University of Oxford

Some key facts from the report:

  • Around 1,800 households are made homeless in Oxfordshire each year
  • 48,000 people in Oxfordshire say they often or always feel lonely
  • People living in the most deprived areas of the county tend to die 12 years earlier than those in affluent areas
  • In Oxford one in six children live in poverty

Note that these figures were correct at the time of the report’s publication, in November 2023.

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To read the full report, please view it using the link below, or contact us to request a printed copy.

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“This new edition of Oxfordshire Uncovered makes a powerful case for philanthropy in the county. As the Lord-Lieutenant, it has been exciting to see the many effective volunteer organisations in Oxfordshire. But a common thread is most of them need funding. I believe that is where donors can work with OCF to effectively help these groups.”

Marjorie Neasham Glasgow BEM, HM Lord-Lieutenant of Oxfordshire

Take action by giving to OCF

Oxfordshire Community Foundation supports our county’s heroic charity staff and volunteers, who work incredibly hard every day to address the challenges of unaffordable essentials, poor health, loneliness and fear, and lack of opportunity.

By donating to Oxfordshire Community Foundation, you will make a huge difference to these charitable organisations. Stable, multi-year funding through our grant-making will help them implement preventative solutions as well as crisis support. This requires a significantly bigger and more sustained commitment of philanthropic investment by Oxfordshire’s residents and businesses.

For many donors, the personal fulfilment that can come as a result of giving is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things in their lives. Anyone can join our philanthropic community, whether you have £100 or £1 million to give, and everything in between.

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