Impact videos

Our annual impact report in 2022 was in video form. We wanted to take the chance to showcase what everyone has achieved thanks to the collective efforts of our generous donors, outstanding charity partners, brilliant local businesses and supportive statutory networks.

From meals for people without a home to online mental health support, our Community Resilience Fund has meant we can step up and help our communities respond better to and recover stronger from COVID-19. The work isn’t over yet… but here’s story since March 2020.

Family Centre Donnington Doorstep has received various grants from OCF; here Director Beth Knighton talks about the impact they have had on isolated communities, with a volunteer and centre user also having their say. 

Archway’s Chief Executive Sheila Furlong explains how OCF’s Step Change Fund has helped the charity alleviate loneliness for more people by boosting their volunteer training.  

Meet Paul Roberts, Chief Exec at Aspire, who explains how OCF’s grants have helped the charity with their ‘Through the Prison gate’ project. Ex-offender Terry also tells us what he has got out of the programme.

Sarah Giles from FarmAbility talks about how OCF’s grants have helped them provide meaningful occupations to people with learning disabilities, and some of the charity’s co-farmers talk about what it means to them.