Our Impact Reports

Each year OCF publishes an impact report tracking our progress against strategic objectives, sharing success stories and reporting back on our finances.

The reports show how much progress the community foundation has made over the past few years, from £206,000 distributed in charitable funds in 2013-4, to £1,225,576 in 2019-20. During this time we have also shifted towards delivering strategic initiatives in addition to grant-making. This is thanks to the incredible generosity of our donors and supporters, as well as a concerted focus on a clear strategy led by our Chair and Board of Trustees.

Journal of a Pandemic Year report front cover

Our Journal of a Pandemic Year reports on our response to COVID-19 from the start of the pandemic until April 2021. During this time £1,014,469 in COVID-19 grants were awarded, reaching around 138,000 beneficiaries. The report gives detail about which activities were supported and shares individual stories of hope and resilience, as well as reflecting on where we go next.

Our 2020 Impact Report looks at our wider activity during 2019 and 2020, including our pandemic response but also the achievements of our strategic initiatives, donor-advised funds and other grant-making.

Older impact reports