Corporate giving

Support your organisation’s CSR or charitable funding objectives. Whether you represent a local business, a trust or foundation, or a statutory body, we can offer robust, dynamic ways to get your funding into the community.

We partner with organisations that want to give, offering our local knowledge of the needs, and our networks deep into the charitable sector in Oxfordshire, to make sure corporate funds are responsibly and effectively spent.

For businesses, this might mean hosting your corporate foundation to engage employees in good CSR, or inviting you to join with other responsible businesses locally to contribute towards an existing fund.

We also have longstanding experience in offering a grant-making service for both statutory organisations such as local or national government, and for charitable trusts that are looking for more applications from strong local community groups.

Below are some of the ways organisations can make a difference through OCF. To discuss any of them, please contact our Head of Development Kate Parrinder.

Kate Parrinder Kate Parrinder – Head of Development
01865 419467
Didcot Powerhouse Fund

The Didcot Powerhouse Fund

The Didcot Powerhouse Fund was set up by Didcot First and local people to tackle inequality and deprivation within the Didcot Garden Town Area of Influence. Funding offers sustenance to organisations that know the area well, enabling them to be able to help people help themselves.
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Collective Business Fund

The Oxfordshire Collective Business Fund is a way for local businesses to make our county a better place to live and work. We pool your funds together with other businesses to amplify your reach and impact.
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Trusts and foundations

As part of our mission to continuously increase investment in Oxfordshire, we work with established or new trusts and foundations that would like to outsource part or all of their grant-making. We are also able to handle the transfer of dormant or moribund trusts.
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Named fund

Setting up a named fund with OCF is a simple, robust, and impactful alternative to setting up your own foundation or charitable trust. Benefit from OCF's governance and operational resources, and be guided by our knowledge of and connections with the local charitable sector.