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Professional advisors

We work with solicitors, accountants, wealth managers and financial advisors to help their clients make the most of their giving.

As a professional advisor, you will have clients who care about and want to give something back to their community, but may not know where to start. They are probably already supporting a number of different charities, but may have reached the point where they would like to take a more strategic approach, or to consider charities and activities closer to home.

Client philanthropy services

We can work with you and your clients to help shape and develop a more structured approach to their charitable giving. We make it easier to give both locally and effectively by offering simple, cost-effective, and tax-efficient solutions. For example, if your client is considering establishing a charitable trust, we can offer a more convenient alternative in the form of a donor advised fund.

From the client who wants to make an immediate philanthropic impact, to the couple hoping to leave a legacy, to the family who want to establish a memorial fund in honour of a loved one, we can help you find the best solution – tailor-made to ensure that the wishes of your client can be acted upon.

We regularly run short, informative seminars to upskill professionals to advise about philanthropy, and we can visit your firm to deliver a special session on request. If you would like to find out more, download our factsheets below, or contact us.

Briefing events for professional advisors

Our professional advisor briefings are an opportunity to hear OCF CEO Jayne Woodley outline a series of efficient alternatives to private trusts and charities. The briefings are aimed at financial advisors, solicitors and accountants working with private clients to plan their philanthropy, and are offered on a series of dates at a variety of times and locations. A new series of dates and venues will be published shortly. If you can offer a venue, or would like a personalised seminar for your firm, please get in touch.


Where residual monies on client accounts cannot be traced and returned to the original owner, professional firms are required to give these unclaimed balances to charity. OCF can transform unclaimed balances into an asset for the community, holding the funds in our endowment. This means that the capital funds are protected, and we can provide an an indemnity in case the original owner should seek recompense. In the meantime, the annual income earned from the interest and dividends can be distributed to local community groups. Find out more by downloading the factsheet below.


Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) is designed to support charities and social enterprises in accessing certain debt and equity finance from individual investors, by offering 30% income tax relief. We can work with individuals or their professional advisors to help them benefit from incentives to invest in businesses with a social mission. Find out more by downloading the factsheet below.

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Download our professional advisors leaflet
  • “It’s made such a difference to have a philanthropy expert on the team – and OCF make the whole process hassle-free and human for clients.”

    Steve Marker, Financial Planner at Hansford Bell
    Steve Marker
    Chartered Financial Planner, Hansford Bell
  • “As a firm, one of our core values is to actively support the community. By working with OCF we have the reassurance that our contributions will have an impact on local projects that will truly benefit. I am pleased that our unclaimed client monies – an issue all legal firms have to deal with – can become a force for good in Oxfordshire.”

    A silhouette of an anonymous person
    Chief Executive
    Large local law firm
  • “Working in partnership with OCF gives us the confidence we need as a local business to know our donations are making a real, long-term difference.”

    Graham Street
    Graham Street
    Royds Withy King
  • “I did not know that an individual could set up a named fund with the community foundation – it seems especially useful for those who do not want the administration of setting up a new charity.”

    Alison Craggs
    Alison Craggs
    Blake Morgan
  • “OCF affords great opportunities to clients who need help or an alternative solution in a complex and regulated environment.”

    Paddy Gregan
    Paddy Gregan
    Brook Street des Roches

Ark T Centre

The Ark T Centre is an arts project in East Oxford, and is situated in a high-risk area for Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). Ark T is an open and inclusive community, where people, art, and powerful ideas come together, using the transformative powers of creativity to change lives.


SOFEA alleviates multiple social problems: the need for jobs and training for disadvantaged young people; the demand for nutritious food for vulnerable people; and the danger of supplies from the food industry going to waste.

Good Food Oxford (GFO)

Good Food Oxford supports the existing work of many organisations in and around the city working to make our food system more nourishing, less wasteful and more sustainable.


Thrive offers activity clubs and mentoring for young people in two of Oxford’s most deprived areas – Blackbird Leys and Barton. Their clubs and activities are countering the effects of social exclusion.