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Set up a named fund

Setting up a named fund with us is a simple, robust and impactful alternative to setting up your own foundation or charitable trust. You will benefit from OCF’s governance and operational resources, and can be guided by our knowledge of and connections with the local charitable sector.

A named fund (sometimes known as a donor-advised fund) is a ringfenced charitable fund held and managed on a donor’s behalf by OCF. It can be an effective way to carry out your personal or corporate charitable ambitions, without the hassle and administration of creating a formal foundation.

Compare the advantages of a named fund vs a private foundation

A named fund can be a vehicle for your giving in two ways:

  1. An individual fund to organise your local giving in one place, simply and effectively
  2. A collective fund where donors or businesses pool funds to increase their personal impact.

We recommend a minimum commitment of £10,000 annually to set up a named fund. If you have a smaller amount to give, we can talk to you about our existing collective funds and other giving options.

OCF takes a limited contribution from all donations received into the fund. This helps support that element of the charity’s running costs that cannot be met through OCF’s own income flows from its investments. The specific contribution level for each fund is agreed in advance with each prospective fundholder and is based on a calculation of the resource required within OCF to support any given fund, but is typically around 10%.

Who does OCF manage funds for?

OCF manages named funds for individual philanthropists, local families, and local businesses. They all share in interest in supporting communities in Oxfordshire to thrive and reach their potential, and their funds typically contribute around 40% to our annual grant-making. See some examples of named funds OCF currently holds

Boosting the value of your gift

Gifts made through a named fund enable you to be extremely tax efficient. Whenever appropriate, OCF will reclaim eligible Gift Aid on your donation, adding a further 25% to its value. If you are a higher-rate taxpayer, you can also claim back the difference between higher rate and basic rate tax on the value of your donation.

A fund informed by you

Your fund can be anonymous or named after yourself, a family member, a friend, a company or anything that is personal to you. Your fund can be:

a) An investment fund

A capital sum is invested with our fund managers CCLA, and the income generated via dividends and RPI gains provides grant-making funds throughout the year. Your investment can be set up as a one-off donation or grown over a number of years. Investments provide a fantastic long-term option, allowing donors to continue giving for years to come.

b) A flow-through fund

You create a fund with a donation that is immediately available for awarding grants to local projects. Our team will work with you to understand your interests and intentions, and will support you to disburse grants. Flow-through funds are usually topped up annually.

Your fund can also combine both investment and flow through.

Making grants from the fund

You can be as involved as you want to be in how the fund is used, or you can leave it to us to decide. Our experience of managing funds, together with our research insights, give us an in-depth understanding of the most urgent social problems within Oxfordshire.

OCF can make grant payments from a named fund in three ways:

  • Donor-advised: you can make a request for a grant to be made to a charitable organisation from the fund’s available balance at any time. OCF carries out due diligence before making payments.
  • Match-making: OCF can suggest grants to you based on your interests, usually from applications made to our open grants rounds.
  • Open grants: for named funds with larger sums available, OCF can open a dedicated grants round to which charitable organisations can apply.

A fund report is sent annually showing the transactions and value of the fund, and sharing case studies illustrating the impact of grants awarded from the fund.

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