NewsOCFJayne Woodley with new OCF Marketing Communications Team

As Kate Parrinder, our Marketing Communications Manager, starts a year of maternity leave, we welcome three new staff to our OCF marketing team.

Kate Parrinder joined OCF in 2014 and has been the marketing team for the past five years. The new interim marketing team are:

Nicki Percival – Marketing and Communications – will be responsible for OCF’s overall marketing plan, branding, media relations and our new Twist of Fate Project.

Nicki has a marketing and advertising background, working both in the UK and the UAE. She has worked on a wide range of brands including Lindt Chocolate, Bicester Village, The Perfume Shop, Marriott and ART to name a few.

Louise Sloan – Digital Marketing – will manage OCF’s digital marketing and social media.

Louise has recently upskilled in digital marketing and social media management. She has experience working with a variety of clients managing their social media platforms and offers operational expertise in managing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram business accounts.

Kate Walker – Marketing Projects – responsibilities include email-marketing, website news, Reciprocate and OCF events.

After a career in marketing including banking and public sector roles, 12 years ago Kate stepped out to raise her family while her husband’s role took them to live across Europe. She was involved in each school community and most recently ran the Primary School PTA at a campus of the International School of Geneva.


Meet the whole of the OCF staff team.