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OCF has now opened the next round in our Delivering Impact grants programme, which will focus on community friendship. We are seeking to award grants that bring people from different backgrounds together. We will invest up to £10k.

This latest round of grant funding corresponds with a new OCF Needs Analysis Report: Community Friendship. This report identifies the areas of Oxfordshire that may be in the most need, where there is greatest potential to foster community friendships, and to build a sense of belonging that is so beneficial to everybody’s wellbeing.

Oxfordshire Community Foundation has always funded projects that help build communities in our neighbourhoods. Our Delivering Impact programme has priority outcomes for each funding round and this round will focus on strengthening and expanding our community work. We will support projects that build long-lasting relationships between people of different ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds or ages.

We will seek to support projects that put the participants in contact with each other on a number of occasions, that generate genuine community cohesion through long lasting relationships. Projects should be truly inclusive, open to and reach out to all residents of the community. This could be done by collaboration between groups that may not usually work together or through innovative ways to reach the desired diverse beneficiaries – particularly those that may not have previously been engaged.

The Community Friendship Grants round is open until 31st July 2019. Grants of up to £10,000 are available for groups with an income of up to £1 million, and can cover core/running costs.


Apply to the Community Friendship grants round