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The High Sheriff is buying some extra bottles of water in preparation for his Olympic Challenge at the Iffley Road Sports Ground on Thursday 17th July!

The weather forecast is “HOT!”, so we’re expecting that by the end of the event some participants may look more exhausted than Roger Bannister did on that famous day 60 years ago.

The event is a sports day in which several local companies are taking part, in order to raise money for charity. Each Challenger Company will enter a team of five individuals consisting of a gender mix (two male / three female or vice versa), with at least one individual over 50 years of age. On 17th July 2014 the teams will gather on Iffley Road Sports Ground in Oxford to take part in ten events:

1.    Standing long jump
2.    1500 metres
3.    Shot putt
4.    Baton relay
5.    1500 metres row on ergs (modern indoor rowers)
6.    Boccia (a precision ball sport related to bowls and pétanque)
7.    Archery
8.    Wellie wanging (not yet an official Olympic sport!)
9.    Basketball
10.  Swimming relay

We wish all the teams the best of luck and we are sure that they’ll gain some inspiration from Matt Dawson (World Cup winning English rugby player), Greg Searle (Olympic gold medal rower), who will be attending to give some advice and to lend their support.

We’d also like to thank the High Sheriff and all the Challenger Companies for the funds that are being generated to support our local communities.