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The Didcot Powerhouse Fund celebrates its first two years!

Back in November 2021 the Didcot Powerhouse Fund was launched. It came out of a desire by local businesses to support the local communities where their employees live and to ensure their donations went where they were most needed locally. It’s success over the last two years has exceeded all expectation, raising over £270,000, making 35 grants to local charities and community groups, and supporting 2,880 local beneficiaries.

The fund, administered by OCF, is led by volunteers, all people who care deeply about the local community. They believe that being rooted in the community is what makes Powerhouse so special.

The grants over the last two years have been awarded to projects addressing a range of pressing concerns:

Impact is local

At least 90% of the beneficiaries of the grants live in Greater Didcot and the surrounding villages, and the grants have gone to charities and community groups who really understand where the need is greatest. Here are a few highlights:


Spotlight on donors

Local companies have provided 84% of funding so far – 25 businesses that range from internationally renowned corporations to local micro-businesses. Individual donations and community fundraising is becoming an increasingly important source of Powerhouse funding, increasing from 6% in 2022 to 16% in 2023.

Supporting the local Didcot community

By pooling together donations Powerhouse can make significant grants that can have more impact. Donations support a wide range of local charities, selected by a grants panel who local knowledge of where the need is greatest. Powerhouse awards grants to small community groups who don’t have paid fundraising staff and are too small to apply for most funding options.

Looking forward

Applications have now been received for the 2024 round of funding and are being reviewed by the team at OCF. All applicants will hear from the Grants Panel in due course. The theme for this year is ‘Creating stronger bonds in our community’, specifically projects that will:

  • help to create a resilient and more inclusive community where people of all ages and backgrounds can thrive

  • collectively address challenges such as isolation, disadvantage of poor mental health

Congratulations to Didcot Powerhouse Fund for a fabulous first two years! Find out more about the 2023 grants awarded here