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OCF is working with experts in the Early Years Sector (as well as other areas), to build our understanding of what works to reduce disadvantage. The evidence indicates that prevention is more cost effective than later intervention, and we know that many of life’s challenges can be rooted in early childhood.

We hope to support collaborations of experts to come together in specific communities, to become more than the sum of their parts for the families in those areas. We want to help to enrich the Home Learning Environment by improving the resources available to families, and shouting about great ways of developing this environment, raising awareness as we go! We’ll support families by having these conversations through trusted community members and professionals, in order to reduce stigma and increase engagement with what is a difficult subject for many. Using evidence based programmes, partnerships will promote positive home learning environments through groups, forums and general conversations, boosting readiness for school and readiness for life in general!

Why is this important? This report produced by the government in collaboration with the National Literacy Trust summarises:

Ref: Improving the Home Learning Environment: A Behaviour Change Approach, 2018. HM Government & National Literacy Trust.

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