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We will launch a grants round in the autumn/winter to alleviate the cost of living crisis across the county. We would really appreciate the input of local charities and community organisations to help us design the grants.

The cost of living crisis is impacting those who were already struggling the hardest. Although Oxfordshire is relatively affluent on average, our county still has a large number of households living at or near the poverty line. Following our webinar on this topic in May, bringing in subject-matter experts as well as the views of two charitable organisations, we know that the local charitable sector is seeing an increase in demand.

How could a grant from OCF enable charitable organisations to help communities most at need from the rise in the cost of living? What type of costs or activities do you need us to fund? How can our funding make the biggest difference?

To help answer these questions, we will run an online workshop on Wednesday 7th September at 1pm to consult with the local delivery organisations working directly in our communities. You can sign up to take part here. In addition, we invite local charitable organisations to complete our short survey, which we will keep open for as long as we can to accommodate the summer holidays. You can complete the survey here. We would value your feedback via one or both of these methods – whatever suits you.

We will use the feedback from the workshop and survey to finalise the terms of reference for the cost of living grants round, which open in the autumn or winter (dates TBC).

We want to work with local charitable organisations to ensure our funding has impact. The evidence from this consultation will also help us raise more money from our donor community, to contribute to this round of funding.

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