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Members of our responsible business group have the chance to take part in a Transpersonal Leadership Masterclass, being offered free by local professional development company LeaderShape.

LeaderShape is a small Oxfordshire-based consultancy offering coaching, leadership development and selection services to businesses looking to address key issues faced by senior management and boards of directors. The company recently became a member of the Reciprocate group, which aims to help Oxfordshire’s business community become more strategic in their thinking about community engagement, and realise their good intentions through the power of many.

As part of their membership, LeaderShape’s directors are offering senior leaders from other member businesses the chance to take part in a free one-day masterclass – a unique personal development opportunity tailored for Reciprocate businesses. Chairman John Knights and CEO Greg Young will be the prime facilitators.  Their focus is to develop people around the world who can lead beyond their ego to be radical, ethical and authentic.

John Knights comments: “Members of Reciprocate are self-selecting in that they care about the communities they work in. This MasterClass will continue the journey for senior leaders to start harnessing the strong business, technical and human skills they already possess to develop increased capability in leadership, enabling them to create organisational cultures that are performance-enhancing, ethical, caring and sustainable.”

Details of the Masterclass can be found in this flyer. The session will take place on Wednesday 22nd June at Henmans Freeth, in Oxford Business Park. Places are limited to 25, with 11 senior business leaders already signed up. To take part, your business must become a member of Reciprocate.

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