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Oxfordshire Community Foundation (OCF) will bring together decision-makers and trustees from local funding organisations on 13th October 2016. Hosted by Lord Lieutenant Tim Stevenson, the event will be the chance for charity funders to explore issues in common.

The Oxfordshire Funders’ Forum is an event for grant-awarding charities across Oxfordshire to explore their local funding activity together. The forum will take place on Thursday 13th October between 9.30am and 2.30pm, and is being kindly hosted by Blake Morgan LLP at their offices in Oxford, at the Seacourt Tower.

OCF Chief Executive Jayne Woodley comments: “We often work with other grant-awarding charities, who tell us that they would benefit from increased contact with similar trusts and foundations locally. The purpose of this forum is to offer charity funders the opportunity to discuss and explore issues in common, to improve their understanding of charities and the environment in which they operate, and to learn from one another.”

The forum will be attended by trustees and officers of grant-awarding charities across the county, and will be hosted by Oxfordshire’s Lord Lieutenant Tim Stevenson, who is also OCF’s President. We already know we will be joined by representatives from Lloyds Bank Foundation, St Michael’s and All Saints Charities (Feoffees) and the Tolkien Trust. Rupert Sheppard of the Feoffees (pictured) spoke in favour of the funders’ forum concept at OCF’s recent coming of age celebration at Broughton Castle. A video of his talk is available here (watch from 17:22).

OCF is looking for a broad cross section of trusts and foundations, and would welcome as many representatives from individual charities as are interested. The event is by invitation or application – please email or contact our office if you would like to attend.

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