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Provided in collaboration with OCVA and Charity Mentors Oxfordshire, Charity Triage will provide confidential support to charities that find themselves facing an uncertain future. The initiative will help clarify problems and pinpoint the right support in terms of training, leadership or funding.

Charity Triage has been created in response to the increase in the number of charities struggling to survive or having to close, which have sometimes have left it too late to seek help. It pulls in the expertise of three organisations specialising in providing advice, mentoring, training or funding to local charitable groups.

Chief Executive of OCVA Kathy Shaw says: “The voluntary and community sector is delivering vital work but it has become clear that at the first sign of financial difficulties, many groups waste valuable time by not coming forward for help, relying on the hope that a grant application will come in on time. We can provide practical support which might include a course through our training programme, business planning or networking.”

Because some groups fear that being honest about their difficulties might put funding at risk, the service is confidential and offers assistance efficiently and quickly from those within our combined networks who are best able to help.

Charity Mentors Oxfordshire Coordinator Roz Warren says: “When times are difficult it can be hard to step back and get clarity about the issues. Many groups feel their only problem is a need for more funding when in fact this might be more complex.” OCF will represent funders on Charity Triage, and when groups are ready, having strengthened their strategy, OCF will be keen to support them with funding or by promoting their cause to known funders.

A charity can be referred to this service by an official such as a councillor or trustee, or may refer itself. Referral involves completing a short form, following which OCF will discuss the options and recommendations for support with the charity.

For more information or to nominate a group for Charity Triage support, contact Simon from OCF’s Community Impact Team at