FinancialImpactNewsOCFParticipants at the Farm Ability project watching eggs come out of a sorter

Oxfordshire Community Foundation awarded £205,713.02 in grants to local community organisations from April 2013 to March 2014, benefiting Oxfordshire residents of all ages, ethnicities and abilities.

Charities from every corner of the county received a boost for the great work they are doing to support Oxfordshire’s most disadvantaged. From groups that confront social exclusion amongst children in areas of urban deprivation, to those that befriend isolated elderly people in rural locations, the grants directly address the problems of inequality and social injustice in our area.

The following graph gives an overview of how the grants were distributed, to which types of beneficiary. The past year has seen an emphasis on causes that help children and young people.

grants_awarded_by_beneficiaryFor example, Sport for Streets work in areas with dense populations of social housing to encourage children, young people and their parents out into their streets to take part in games, film-making and crafts, all from a converted ambulance. OCF awarded them a grant of £5,000 to support this excellent work. Asylum Welcome used their grant of £1,630 to help fund a unique social/cultural youth club tailored to meet the needs of young male asylum seekers and refugees without a parent or guardian.

To see the full list of grants awarded, please visit our annual reports page.