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Following the launch of OCF’s new Community Resilience Fund, over £100,000 has already been awarded to support local community and voluntary organisations meeting the new needs and challenges created by the coronavirus.

These are extraordinary times calling for extraordinary responses, and OCF’s priority is to use the fund to act swiftly yet responsibly. We will ensure the support and sustainability of the local community infrastructure, enabling charities to not only respond better but also recover stronger.

At a time when they have never been more needed, many charities and voluntary organisations are already stepping up and responding in the crisis. OCF has changed its working practices, approving grant applications every few days and making weekly payments.

The fund has already helped organisations like ACT Oxford with emergency food provision. ACT is co-ordinating a team which is making 70 hot meals for rough sleepers in the city every day from its kitchens. Meals are designed to be protein, vitamin and carbohydrate rich. The OCF grant has ensured the continuation of this service for the next two months. As rough sleepers are given temporary accommodation, the food will be delivered directly to their new homes.

OCF has also funded new laptops for the ACT administration team, to allow them to work remotely, as the office where they shared two desktop computers is now closed. These laptops will continue to be used in the longer term, allowing more efficiency when house visits are resumed.

Jayne Woodley, OCF CEO commented: “OCF has the infrastructure, governance and networks to distribute funds raised effectively and responsibly, which is why we have launched our Coronavirus: Community Resilience Fund for Oxfordshire. We have pooled resources to ensure we have as big a pot as possible for this new fund – using an initial generous gift from the Indigo Trust and adding funds distributed to the whole community foundation network via The National Emergencies Trust, together with direct donations from our existing donors and fundholders.”

OCF welcomes public donations online through its funding pages. Donate to the Community Resilience Fund here. To apply for funding please our grants pages.