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Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has praised the role of community foundations in creating an inclusive capitalism, as OCF-funded charity My Life My Choice starts a new campaign asking for tolerance and inclusion.

There are two videos we think you really must watch today. The first is Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, who addressed the UK Community Foundations annual symposium last week, giving his wholehearted endorsement to the work we do. In his words:

“Prosperity requires not just investment in economic capital, but also investment in social capital. In a free market system, which reinforces naturally the primacy of the individual, those shared beliefs and values underpin the social capital that we need to nurture, so that individuals maintain a broader sense of responsibility for the system. Community foundations are vital contributors to building social capital, playing a critical role in helping to deliver a more inclusive capitalism, in which individual virtue and collective prosperity can flourish.”

See it for yourself here:

The second must-watch video is from a group that we seed-funded, awarding them a Diamond Jubilee grant to help them create a nightclub for people with special needs to enjoy. My Life My Choice really embodies the values that Mark Carney is talking about: they defend the collective prosperity that he sees as a prerequisite for inclusive capitalism. StingTeens and its adult equivalent The Stingray Club take place once a month at the Plush Lounge in Oxford, and entrants can also DJ, or become breakdancers or rappers for the night.

Now, My Life My Choice has launched a new campaign promoting better awareness of the personal stories behind government benefits. Part of a national campaign, their important short film debunks five myths being perpetrated in the recent debates about ‘benefit scroungers’, and sees people with special needs on benefits fight back with stories that illustrate how we all benefit from being part of an inclusive society that values social capital as highly as economic capital.

Watch their video here:

We will all benefit from My Life My Choice on Vimeo.

We are proud to be at the centre of the discussion about social capital, and playing a role in enabling charities like My Life My Choice start to make Mark Carney’s vision of inclusive capitalism a reality. Find out how you can be part of it too!