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Oxfordshire Community Foundation is taking part in the UK government’s Community First scheme. This scheme encourages donors to make a contribution by matching every pound given with a further 50p.

Both donations and match funding go to a capital endowment fund that will continue to grow over time, giving us a sustainable pot of money that we can use for those in the local area who need it most – well into the future.

Time is running out for donors to take advantage of this opportunity – so if you want to help Oxfordshire, don’t delay!

Whilst Oxfordshire is a place of great affluence, it also has areas of great and genuine need. A donation via Community First is a gift that keeps on giving – by pledging whatever you can afford, you are unlocking significant extra funding for our ongoing work in Oxfordshire. Your donation will contribute to an ever-growing capital investment that lets us award life-changing grants to the county’s most vulnerable. We think that is a remarkable return on investment by anyone’s standards!

How can you help?

Watch the video to see some illustrative figures.

Your personal circumstances may differ. We always recommend that you talk to your financial advisor to understand how this applies to you.