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Adrian is working with OCF on a freelance basis to help us develop the strategic direction of our Coronavirus: Community Resilience Fund. We hope that this work will inform OCF’s future approach to harnessing the power of community more generally.

OCF has extended a warm welcome to Adrian Sell, who will be familiar to many in the local charity sector through his pro bono work with Oxfordshire All In, a group of charity leaders aiming to nurture a coordinated response to the coronavirus crisis. OCF is building on this work, bringing Adrian’s long experience as a charity CEO and strategist to bear in ensuring we have an effective but sustainable response in place to the crisis.

Adrian will be working with a small OCF trustee subgroup to agree the scope and extent of this work, and also to help OCF learn lessons from the response that can be applied over the long term.

OCF’s CEO Jayne Woodley says: “We believe there is huge opportunity in using our response to the current crisis combined with the additional experience that Adrian brings to develop OCF’s thinking around a potential third strategic programme that will focus on the power of communities in coming together to solve their own problems. This work will involve identifying ‘anchor organisations’ that are leading the way in developing collaborations that have proven impact. This third programme will complement our existing work on the Growing Minds and Oxford Homeless Movement programmes.”

Adrian has considerable experience of working with organisations, groups and individuals to help them clarify their ambitions, values, aims and means of delivering on their potential through strategic change, innovation and organisational development. His skills lie in highlighting critical issues and developing clear and achievable plans – work that he has carried out as a freelance consultant, and also in leadership positions at Oxford Parent Infant Project, Age UK Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire County Council and Oxfam, amongst others.

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