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As flooding continues to affect communities in Scotland and the North of England, a UK-wide appeal has been launched to support flood victims. Coordinated by umbrella body UK Community Foundations (UKCF), the appeal will benefit from match funding from the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Community foundations across the UK are proving themselves well placed to respond quickly to local emergencies. With many areas devastated by wave upon wave of localised flooding, community foundations are stepping in and offering financial support. Grants are being provided to help people get back on their feet, assisting with the clear-up operation, emergency accommodation, or replacing furniture and white goods.

Several community foundations have started their own local appeals to support flood victims. For example, in Lancashire the appeal was kick-started by the community foundation with a £5,000 donation from its own Lancashire Community Investment Fund. Within 24 hours Lancaster Council agreed to dedicate £10,000 from their Lancaster Community Fund. Since then donations have been received from members of the public, local businesses, philanthropists, and charitable trusts and funders, including Comic Relief. In Cumbria, over £4.3 million has been raised, with similar appeals in Calderdale, Manchester, York and Leeds.

Fabian French, CEO of UK Community Foundations, commented: “It is vitally important that we do all we can to get urgent help to those whose communities have been devastated by flooding. We at UK Community Foundations are doing everything we can to support our members, and to help others channel their funds through community foundations.” UKCF is doing this by setting up a central UK-wide flood appeal, where any money donated will be distributed to support impacted people in flooded communities across the UK.

In addition to monies raised by local partnerships and charitable donations from members of the public, community foundations will also leverage match-funding from the Department for Communities and Local Government, which has already contributed £1 million to Cumbria Community Foundation’s flood appeal.

You can donate to the central flooding appeal here.

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