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OSARCC logoOSARCC is a collective of women committed to supporting survivors of sexual abuse, rape, domestic abuse and harassment.They offer a free and confidential service to women and girls who are dealing with the effects of sexual violence, and to anyone who is supporting them.

Moving on from abuse

OSARCC is committed to listening, believing and helping survivors of sexual violence. They provide therapeutic support and advocacy services to help with the recovery process. Their services are predominantly open to self-identifying women and non binary individuals recorded female at birth regardless of race, religion, sexuality, disability or age. Their advocacy service is open to survivors of all genders.

The centre aids over 300 survivors every year. OSARCC’s support groups help them process feelings of guilt, shame and lack of self-confidence. They gain strength by sharing their thoughts and experiences with a group of resilient, inspiring women. Survivors report feeling less alone and more understood, and having their experiences validated by the process of counselling and building friendships. As one survivor comments: “I feel more ‘normal’, and it has been hugely healing to feel accepted by other women. I have acquired a sense of self that is not contaminated by abuse.”

Funding for charity infrastructure

Since 2000, OCF has awarded over £24,000 in ten separate grants to OSARCC to meet various training and infrastructure costs, allowing them to carry out their important work. Donor Jane Mactaggart has been a longstanding supporter via her OCF named fund, and the charity has recently received a large strategic gift from OCF’s Step Change Fund.

Lessons for OCF

We know that there is a rich seam of individuals and groups in Oxfordshire who are proactively working to address those issues that affect our mental and physical wellbeing. Just as we have done throughout our history, we need to actively promote solutions coming from the grassroots.

“I feel much more confident to be around other women, and am more accepting of myself and positive about the future.”

OSARCC survivor

At a glance


Therapeutic support for self-identifying women and non binary individuals recorded female at birth, advocacy support for all genders

Social themes

Rape and domestic abuse

Marginalisation of women from society and their families


Empowering survivors with confidence and friendship

Better health and wellbeing

To contact OSARCC directly please email admin@osarcc.org.uk, call 01865 725 311 (10am to 4pm) or visit their website for full details of all their services.