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Oxford University shows its support for OCF with a cyber security presentation at our weekly webinar and by providing community support and funding. 

Graham Ingram, Chief Information Security Officer at the University presented at our webinar on 22nd April and gave lots of practical tips to help allay some of the fears and perceptions of the security industry. Charities could be targeted if they are seen as the ‘softer underbelly’ – perhaps an easier target when others have made greater security investments. Watch the video to learn more including: primary password protection, auto back-ups and updates and use of third party software e.g. Zoom.  Graham also shared links to some key websites which cover the threats, risks, controls and resources available – you can find these at the end of this news story.

The University has also partnered with Oxford Hub and OCF to support the local community response to COVID-19. As well as donating £10,000, the University will also work with local authorities, community groups and service providers through these two community projects to assist the response effort. OCF has put their part of this donation into their Community Resilience Fund.

This collaboration is just one of the ways the University and colleges have been looking into providing practical support. Their Vice-Chancellor, Professor Louise Richardson, said: “This partnership will support the most vulnerable and help get aid to where it is needed most locally. We will continue to look for new ways to help the community and make sure that we face this crisis together.”

Read more about OCF’s Community Resilience Fund and our recent webinars


Website links: 

Charities Commission April 20 statement on cybercrime risk against charities.  (Threats)

NCSC Cyber Aware is the UK government’s advice on how to stay secure online during coronavirus.  (Controls)

NCSC Small Charity Guide (14 pages – threat & risk)

ICO – Information Commissioner’s Office guide for Charities and GDPR:  (Risks)

PCI – DSS:  Payment Card Industry security standards  (Risks)

NCSC Board Toolkit.  Governance around risk, expenditure and prioritisation: