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Oxfordshire Sport and Physical Activity (OxSPA) has launched a new charitable fund, hosted by OCF – saving OxSPA the cost and hassle of establishing their own charity. OxSPA aims to increase participation in sport and physical activity in Oxfordshire, and the OxSPA Trust is its new charitable arm.

OxSPA is a partnership including representation from local authorities, health organisations, education establishments, sports bodies and clubs, leisure providers and non-profit and commercial companies, who work together to tackle the serious health, social and economic issues caused by an inactive population not engaging in enough physical activity.

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Staffed by a full time core team of experts in the areas of sport and physical activity, OxSPA works to provide opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to be physically active. The organisation currently provides insight and consultancy, creates awareness, assists with securing funding, develops clubs and organisations, provides training and delivers targeted programmes and events.

Oxfordshire Sport and Physical Activity Managing Director Chris Freeman said: “The launch of our new charitable trust is a great step forward in helping more people in Oxfordshire lead more physically active and healthier lives.

“The OxSPA Trust will allow us to engage with new partners, particularly businesses and commercial organisations, and work with new potential funding agencies, such as charitable funding and trusts, to enable us to channel more resources in sport and physical activity for all people in Oxfordshire.

“Our work covers all ages and all abilities throughout Oxfordshire and we hope the OxSPA Trust will enable us to help more people be more active.”