People with disabilities on a farm; sankalpa logo
Fund for sankalpa

The Fund for sankalpa invests in changemakers – people with the vision and ability to bring about systemic change, and positively shape our world for the future. The fund is held and managed by Oxfordshire Community Foundation (OCF).

OCF works closely with sankalpa’s founder Ruth Layton, as well as her professional advisor team, to channel philanthropic funds to a variety of causes, including sustainable food production, animal health, business leadership, finance, transpersonal psychology and science.

The common feature of all these projects is a shared belief that people make change. By investing in known and trusted people, sankalpa avoids onerous administrative systems, ensuring funds are used to best effect.

Ruth says: “When my business floated and I got the money, I knew I wanted to set up some sort of trust. I work with a financial advisor, and he did some research for me and suggested I look at Oxfordshire Community Foundation.

“It’s been a fantastic mechanism for us – very simple and inexpensive. I effectively have a board of trustees as a charity, and they say yes to most of the things I want to do, and we meet on a regular basis so I don’t have to wait months and months.

“I also feel strongly that there are community foundations all over the world, and I’d like to recommend them to people going forwards because I think it’s a nice community that could be strengthened.”

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Ark T Centre

The Ark T Centre is an arts project in East Oxford, and is situated in a high-risk area for Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). Ark T is an open and inclusive community, where people, art, and powerful ideas come together, using the transformative powers of creativity to change lives.


SOFEA’s mission is to enable the transformation of people’s lives, and their communities, with a major focus on young people. They enable people to fulfil their potential through work, wellbeing, study and purpose projects, providing the means of reducing the immediate effects of disadvantage by relieving food insecurity in the wider community.

Good Food Oxford (GFO)

Good Food Oxford supports the existing work of many organisations in and around the city working to make our food system more nourishing, less wasteful and more sustainable.


Thrive offers activity clubs and mentoring for young people in two of Oxford’s most deprived areas – Blackbird Leys and Barton. Their clubs and activities are countering the effects of social exclusion.