This single overarching strategy sets out the Council’s vision for housing and how it will work in partnership to prevent and tackle homelessness and meet housing needs. It combines and replaces what were previously three separate strategies, making it easier to understand how they intend to build on achievements to address the housing challenges for Oxford.

What will it take?

  • Working smarter. A willingness to change and adopt new strategies supported by sound evidence. And to drop old strategies that are not effective.
  • Working on the whole system including prevention and the supply of “move-on” accommodation as well as interventions, support and emergency help for those currently rough sleeping.
  • Cooperation between the council and voluntary organisations.
  • Deeper cooperation across the county involving the County and District councils.
  • Resources, including funding. Funding to implement new initiatives and also security of funding to enable multi-year planning and implementation.

Publication Date: January, 2018

Author: External

Topic: Homelessness

Geographic Area: Oxford