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OCF believes that everyone has something to give to their community and we can help you in giving regularly, effectively and locally. Giving reinforces your connection to other people, creating a social experience.

Your support allows us to deliver our vision to improve the lives of Oxfordshire’s most disadvantaged. We want people in Oxfordshire to have better lives. For Oxfordshire to be a kinder place where everyone feels more connected to those around them.

Current focus - Cost of Living Fund

Our Cost of Living Fund will make grants to charitable organisations working to help the most disadvantaged in our county cope with this unprecedented crisis. We know what is needed and we’re poised to help. Could you or your business join us in stepping up to this challenge?

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Set up a named fund

A named fund can be an effective way to carry out your personal charitable ambitions. We recommend a minimum gift of £30,000 to set up a named fund.

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Become a Patron

Invest in OCF’s long-term stability by committing to a substantial discretionary gift for three years or more.

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Join our Friends

Share in OCF’s successes by contributing discretionary funds of £250 a year, which will be used where they are most needed.

Corporate giving

The Oxfordshire Collective Business Fund allows companies to combine with others to make a bigger difference than they could achieve alone. Each business contributes £2,000 or more annually to the fund, which is held by OCF. This will allow us to award at least £60,000 annually to local organisations supporting Oxfordshire’s most disadvantaged communities.

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