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NEXUS 2020 and beyond

NEXUS was launched in 2019 to give charities and social enterprises the opportunity to enjoy complimentary benefits of B4 membership when partnered with a B4 member. NEXUS was designed to grow a spirit of collaboration, sharing and support for those organisations which might not otherwise have the opportunity to secure the benefits of B4.

As a result of the challenges posed since March 2020, the NEXUS programme has been extended to include any charity, social enterprise, fair trade, co-op or any business that can add value in any way to B4 – these are the NEXUS Partners.

What do NEXUS partners receive?
  • B4 Website Profile
  • Ability to submit press releases to the B4 website
  • Access to B4 events when they start
  • Co-create Culture Building content with other B4 members

B4 members are encouraged to be creative, be supportive, make it fun. They could provide their expertise on a complimentary basis? Not only will this benefit the NEXUS partner, it will also be a great learning experience for the business.

It is all about the right fit between the B4 member and the NEXUS partner. New monthly NEXUS webinars and articles appearing on the B4 website will provide inspirational ideas that you can bring to your NEXUS partnership.

'Reciprocate' blends with NEXUS

OCF believes that collaboration will take us further than competition every time.  Reciprocate, our responsible business groups, had a policy of avoiding any duplication. ‘If there is an existing initiative in the county that addresses an issue the group is interested in, we will partner with that network rather than start something new.’

Which is why together with the support of our members we believed the launch of NEXUS offered an opportunity to blend the best ideas, experiences and people from Reciprocate with the events and masterclass muscle of B4. As a well-established local networking organisation, B4 are managing NEXUS, which now incorporates Reciprocate.

NEXUS connects businesses with a charity, social enterprise or start-up business. NEXUS will continue to provide signposting and practical advice on employee volunteering, work experience and charitable board appointments, enabling businesses, social enterprises and charities to improve their social impact. Through established networking, masterclasses and events, you will gain more opportunities to work together and share experiences.

First NEXUS introduction event

This video, from the the first introduction event for NEXUS in January 2020, gives the background to the joining of Reciprocate and NEXUS.  Grant Hayward talks about the importance of CSR, Richard Venables about the history of Reciprocate, Jayne Woodley about the natural evolution of Reciprocate into NEXUS, and Mark Beard in his new role as the Patron of NEXUS.

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