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Oxfordshire All In - a pandemic response

Oxfordshire All In  set up at the start of the pandemic, mapping and co-ordinating the various grassroots volunteering efforts around Oxfordshire, providing both groups and individuals with resources to support them during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Their base was the charity organisation KEEN  Oxford and the charity redeployed its expertise and infrastructure to support an effective voluntary sector and public sector response to Coronavirus.

Through Mapping – Supporting – Coordinating – Simplifying – Oxfordshire All In’s mission was simple: to help support a joined up approach to Covid-19 across the county that was effective, efficient, resilient, and which reached the most isolated and vulnerable.

Map form Oxfordshire All In website

The map allowed anyone to search their area to find out what support was being offered to help people cope with the pandemic. This included both the armies of street champions that were emerging offering to collect provisions or care for pets when people have to self-isolate and the established charities and community groups that adapted their existing services to support the most vulnerable.



The website was aimed at individuals wanting to get involved with a volunteer effort in their area and at people who might be vulnerable and looking for support from their community. The partnership also worked with the networks created to reach people who did not have internet access. Resources for community groups were included around governance, safeguarding, hygiene, shopping and medication.

Collaborative Decision Making

The website and tools were developed rapidly in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Oxfordshire All In is becoming the go-to place for anyone wanting to coordinate their volunteer response or find the help they need.

OCF worked closely with the team at Oxfordshire All In and other county partners to identify community needs, as well as encouraging charities and voluntary groups to connect, share best practice and avoid duplication of effort. The platform’s data collection and mapping channels supported better collaborative decision-making between organisations in the sector.

KEEN received a grant of £7,650 from OCF’s Coronavirus: Community Resilience Fund in early April which covered immediate staff salaries and subscriptions for their digital platforms.

Rupert da Silva, Director KEEN Oxford presented at the OCF webinar on 22 April 2020 on the ‘How, Why and What of Oxfordshire All In’.

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Rupert da Silva
Director KEEN and Oxfordshire All In

The support from OCF was critical to cover our direct costs, without it we wouldn’t have been able to do this. The grant is a lot for us given our size.

Oxfordshire All In Summary