This is a six page Executive Summary of the full report available here.

In laying out the detail of how to end homelessness, Crisis hope to change the political agenda and public response to it. The dangers and devastation of homelessness are not disputed, but there must be change our collective response to an urgent and organised effort to eradicate the problem. The task should not be underestimated, but decisive solutions are on offer. Everyone should have a place to live. Crisis hope that this plan can help achieve a new political consensus behind this simple but powerful aim.

The plan outlines the evidence-based solutions that can end homelessness in Great Britain, built round the belief that everyone should have – and is ready for – a safe, stable place to live. It contains solutions for the long term, rather than to suit current political favour, building on what has worked at home and abroad to end homelessness. The plan shows the costs of preventing and solving homelessness for people, along with the policy changes needed to get us there.

Publication Date: June, 2018

Author: External

Topic: Homelessness

Geographic Area: Great Britain