OCF is committed to funding projects tackling education inequality. This insight prioritises older primary children through to young people – ages seven to 21 years – in their academic and practical learning. It identifies the areas in Oxfordshire that may be in greatest need, where there is the greatest potential to prevent children and young people from being ‘left behind’, and to ensure the opportunities for thriving in this county are available to all.

The report was produced using community mapping and reporting tool Local Insight. This tool has been developed by OCSI and makes use of open data. It brings in up-to-date data drawn from the Census, the Department for Work and Pensions, deprivation indices and other sources. Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) derived from census data are used in particular for this report. Looking at these measurements for small neighbourhoods (Lower Super Output Areas of around 1,600 people) pinpoints where the problems are.

Publication Date: November, 2019

Author: OCF

Topic: Education

Geographic Area: Oxfordshire