“I am delighted that via our fund with OCF we can join together with other donors to support causes we are all passionate about. It means we can do more good by working as a collective.”

Tracy Norris-EvansRWK Goodman

“OCF has been a key partner in delivering efficient, effective and independent rounds of community funding. Their evidence-based approach and broad reach into the community sector has helped us deliver support across Oxfordshire’s communities in a way that is transparent as well as fast.”

Robin RogersProgramme Director (Partnerships and Delivery), Oxfordshire County Council

“OCF’s knowledge and resources drive real change. They unlock the power of community, allowing people to feel more connected to those around them, and for all who live in Oxfordshire to have better lives.”

Amanda PonsonbyHigh Sheriff of Oxfordshire 2020-2021

“I opened a fund with OCF because of their knowledge, expertise and extensive contacts. I wanted to be part of it, to make my dream come true in helping the very young – the fund encompasses everything I’ve done in the past and expands the impact I’ve achieved”.

Jane Wates
Jane WatesJane Wates Patron Fund

“As a partner, OCF provide a mechanism which allows us to channel our philanthropic investment directly into the heart of the projects we care about.”

Ruth Layton Founder of sankalpa
Ruth LaytonFounder sankalpa and OCF donor

“When you become wealthy and you have a lot of money, you’re starting to think about giving it away on a slightly industrial scale! Even if you give away the same percentage as ordinary people, you’re giving away larger sums of money so the way you’re going to do it is different.”

David Harding
David HardingHedge fund manager, philanthropist and OCF donor

“I’ve lived in Oxfordshire for many years, and feel I’ve benefited greatly from being in such a thriving and interesting place. Leaving a legacy to OCF in my will is my way of repaying this – and I also trust that they will understand exactly where funds are needed in years to come. Having seen small voluntary sector groups come and go, I find this longevity very reassuring.”

A silhouette of an anonymous person
Legacy donor

“Working with OCF is the simple way to give to the themes I care about the most. I would never have known about many of the causes I’ve helped without them. They are doing vital work and they need our support.”

Jane Mactaggart
Jane MactaggartDonor

“I like to have something worthwhile to get up for each morning… I find that the larger and more strategic the gift, the more pleasure I get out of it.”

Dame Stephanie Shirley, a British businesswoman and philanthropist
Dame Stephanie Shirley

“The huge satisfaction to be gained from spending one’s time in giving in your later years far outweighs any pleasures that you can possibly gain on the golf course, on the beach or on the back of the yacht in the Mediterranean sipping martinis.”

Michael Oglesby, a UK businessman and philanthropist
Mike Oglesby