Group of people at an event, from all parts of the community - young and old - including Scouts, footballers, a vicar, amateur dramatics actors in costume, and OCF CEO Jayne Woodley centre
Grants programmes overview

OCF provides a variety of grant programmes that help community groups and charities in Oxfordshire improve people’s lives.

We operate four grant programmes, shown below. To decide which programme is most suitable for your group, you should consider the scale and ambition of the work you are applying for money for, and whether your work fits with OCF’s priorities, as identified in our research report Oxfordshire Uncovered.

Our current Delivering Impact priority theme is the High Sheriff’s Community Integration Award.

Choosing a grant programme

Please use the chart below to pick a grant programme, and click through to the relevant page for full details.

Small and Vital
£1,500 and under
Short application form
  • Small grants for small community groups
  • General expenses
  • Activity equipment, volunteer expenses, transport or equipping halls
  • Events or outings
  • Sessional costs for trainers and facilitators
Delivering Impact
More comprehensive application form
  • Costs for established local charities working towards defined outcomes
  • Continuing core work
  • Work that addresses Oxfordshire’s social problems
  • Series of items for a project, or delivery of a programme of work over a year
Step Change
Two-stage application process
  • Transformational change for organisations with strong leadership
  • Medium to long term
  • Focus on boosting internal infrastructure or mergers
  • Systems/premises upgrades or training
  • Marketing or research
£10,000 and over
Collaboration with OCF and other funders
  • Substantial support for exemplar organisations looking to make a significant improvement to a key social problem locally
  • Ambitious, long-term, strategic solutions
  • Staff or premises costs
  • Potential multi-year funding

By applying to one of the grant programmes outlined here, you are accessing money from all of our private and corporate funders. We also occasionally manage grants for other funding organisations such as Comic Relief or the Big Lottery, and these will be incorporated into our Delivering Impact programme when relevant.