Here are a few of the named funds that we hold and manage on behalf of our donors and fundholders.

Logo for the Maggie Evans fund - a cat reading a book
The Maggie Evans Fund

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In 2008, after a short but intense period of depression, Maggie, who was only 29 years old, took her own life. Her parents Bob and Kati and brother David set up the Maggie Evans Fund with OCF in her memory. The fund is used to help children discover interests that were Maggie’s own passions: a love of reading stories and appreciating illustrations, and the exploration of different cultures through languages and translation.

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Beard logo
Beard Charitable Foundation

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Oxford-based construction company Beard launched a charitable foundation to support staff community initiatives and construction education projects. The foundation was set up with a £250,000 donation from the Beard family and is held and managed by Oxfordshire Community Foundation.

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High Sheriff crest
High Sheriff of Oxfordshire's Charitable Fund

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This fund assists current and future High Sheriffs in raising money for charitable purposes. In the shrieval year 2017–2018 it is raising money for Jane Cranston’s initiative to promote justice and fairness of opportunity in Oxfordshire.

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Fund for Sankalpa logo
Fund for Sankalpa

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In Sanskrit the word Sankalpa refers to our direction, purpose or focus. To make a Sankalpa is to set an intention that will support our personal vision for transformation. The individual who created this fund wanted to build on her life’s work focusing on sustainability for the benefit of our earth, and its people, animals and environment.

Legacy for a Legend logo
Legacy for a Legend

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Nikki Rouse Thompson set up Legacy for a Legend in memory of her late husband Paul Thompson. At only 38 years old Paul died from a sudden cardiac event during a football training session. The fund’s main aims are to work with sports clubs to ensure that they are able to assist people in a medical emergency, and supplying defibrillators to sites around Oxfordshire. It also promotes the work of musical groups, reflecting Paul’s passion for music.

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Jane Mactaggart, one of our generous donors and philanthropy fellows
Jane MacTaggart Fund

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Jane Mactaggart chose OCF to advise and support her local charitable giving, finding it a unique way to access a portfolio of smaller charities that she may not have heard of otherwise. She makes an annual donation to her own fund, which is used to support charitable groups working for the causes that she feels most passionate about: mental health, depression and women’s issues in Oxfordshire.

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Anne-Marie Cockburn and her daughter Martha, before she died
What Martha Did Next

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Single mother Anne-Marie Cockburn set up this fund in memory of her daughter Martha, who died in 2013 (aged 15) after swallowing half a gram of MDMA powder. Anne-Marie works with Oxfordshire Community Foundation to champion initiatives that raise awareness of the fallout of drug misuse.

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Meech logo
Meech Centenary Trust

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Headquartered in Witney, specialist design and manufacturing firm Meech International established a named fund to commemorate their 100-years milestone. The Meech Centenary Trust supports young people in finding work or getting back into education in and around West Oxfordshire.

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Royds Withy King logo
Royds Withy King

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Royds Withy King holds a patron fund with OCF. This fund enables us to continue our work by making a contribution towards our core costs. Royds Withy King is sharing in OCF’s success, helping make a sustainable investment in the local voluntary sector, which works tirelessly to make Oxfordshire a better place for us all.

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Child's drawing of a crown, union jack flag and diamonds, used in 2012 to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee
Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee Legacy Fund for East Oxford

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Imam Monawar Hussain brought 28 community leaders together to start the Diamond Jubilee Legacy Fund for East Oxford. The fund was established in July 2013 and supports vulnerable and disadvantaged groups and individuals in East Oxford. One of the key aims is to recognise and encourage charities that demonstrate partnership working across faiths and cultures.

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Hope Thru Horses

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Hope Thru Horses is a charitable fund held and managed by Oxfordshire Community Foundation, which helps troubled and traumatised people, and rescues troubled and traumatised horses. The rescued horses heal and find peace in the company of our naturally kept herd, and in return they help people do the same.

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Eynsham Museum Fund

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The Eynsham Museum Fund (EMF) is a long-term project with the aim of raising sufficient monies to establish a museum in the village to display the history of this special place, nurture the pride of the community for its roots and provide an inspiration for future generations.

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  • “I really must thank the team for helping me during the application process and for having such faith in our work.”

    Kay Alty of New Yatt Riding for the Disabled Association, giving a treat to a fleabitten grey horse
    Kay Alty
    New Yatt Riding for the Disabled
  • “We like to find strategic solutions, not provide sticking plasters.”

    Jayne Woodley, CEO of Oxfordshire Community Foundation
    Jayne Woodley
    CEO, Oxfordshire Community Foundation
  • “It is so uplifting to meet so many people blessed with generous hearts and a deep sense of community.”

    Ali Mosawi, one of OCF's donors
    Ali Mosawi
  • “It’s so good to think about the bigger picture aside from the week working at the coalface. It keeps me focused about what messages we needed to get across about ourselves as a charity.”

    Alice Walters, Strategic Development Manager at Thrive.org.uk
    Alice Walters
    Strategic Development Manager, Thrive
  • “I really appreciate your work on what for my parents is such an important project. I am glad that the fund has been developing so positively and swiftly.”

    David Evans, fundholder of the Maggie Evans Fund
    David Evans
    Maggie Evans Fund
  • “The huge satisfaction to be gained from spending one’s time in giving in your later years far outweighs any pleasures that you can possibly gain on the golf course, on the beach or on the back of the yacht in the Mediterranean sipping martinis.”

    Michael Oglesby, a UK businessman and philanthropist
    Mike Oglesby
    Coutts Million Pound Donor Report
  • “I like to have something worthwhile to get up for each morning… I find that the larger and more strategic the gift, the more pleasure I get out of it.”

    Dame Stephanie Shirley, a British businesswoman and philanthropist
    Dame Stephanie Shirley
    Coutts Million Pound Donor Report
  • “I can’t get over it; I’m still shaking when I talk about it. It’s just incredible… I feel a bit guilty about getting so much pleasure out of giving!”

    Terry Bramall, a UK businessman and philanthropist
    Terry Bramall
    Coutts Million Pound Donor Report
  • “Generosity is the best investment.”

    Diane Von Furstenberg, a fashion designer and philanthropist
    Diane von Fürstenberg
    Fashion designer
  • “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

    Warren Buffet, an American business magnate, investor and philanthropist
    Warren Buffet
  • “It is more difficult to give money away intelligently than to earn it in the first place.”

    Andrew Carnegie, a 19th century Scottish American industrialist and philanthropist
    Andrew Carnegie
  • “The overriding aim of LYP is to bring hope for the future to young people, some of whom have given up on expecting anything positive out of life.”

    Richard Colebrook, founder of the Leys Youth Programme
    Richard Colbrook
    Project Leader, Leys Youth Programme

Legacy for a Legend

When Paul Thompson died of a sudden cardiac event, his wife and friend created a named fund in his memory that is used to fund life-saving defibrillators.

Royds Withy King

Royds Withy King’s patron fund with OCF helps us deliver a professional, efficient service to our donors and grant recipients, and helps them become more strategic with their charitable giving.

Jane Mactaggart

Jane holds her own named fund, to which she makes an annual donation. She works with us to develop a rolling portfolio of charitable giving.