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STRATEGIC initiatives

In recent years we have taken an increasingly proactive role through our strategic initiatives, which facilitate strong cooperation between organisations wanting to improve communities, regardless of their sector.

In creating these initiatives, we used our strong, independent voice to drive social change through a rigorous process:

  • Research the key issues
  • Analyse the steps needed for significant change
  • Design a partnership programme
  • Fund the solution
  • Deliver the activities, and
  • Measure the impact.

The delivery partners that have made these initiatives come alive are leading experts in their field and geographic area, with their own networks and spheres of influence. We are already seeing very positive changes happening because of these projects, and they will make a tangible difference to many people in our county for years to come.

Now that each of the initiatives is up and running, these delivery partners will take the lead on these projects going forward. Getting Oxfordshire Online, Growing Minds and Age Friendly Banbury have been elevated to a position of independence from OCF.

Oxfordshire Homeless Movement

Oxfordshire Homeless Movement is a partnership of organisations choosing to come together to cooperate, to kickstart a new approach to tackling rough sleeping and homelessness on our doorstep. Find out more

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