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STRATEGIC initiatives

We take an increasingly proactive role through our strategic initiatives, which facilitate strong cooperation between organisations wanting to improve communities, regardless of their sector.

This creates unique partnerships between the charity, private and public sector that enable more progress to be made, more effectively.

In creating these initiatives, we use our strong, independent voice to drive social change through a rigorous process:

  • Research the key issues
  • Analyse the steps needed for significant change
  • Design a partnership programme
  • Fund the solution
  • Deliver the activities, and
  • Measure the impact.

In our Oxfordshire Uncovered research report we identified three key priority areas for Oxfordshire: homelessness, educational inequality, and loneliness and isolation. Through our strategic initiatives, we aim to ensure that everyone has a place to call home, every child has an opportunity to thrive, and everyone feels a sense of belonging to the community where they live.

The pandemic has exacerbated needs and relative disadvantage, and our priorities remain high. Indeed, there is new urgency and opportunity to do something in all these areas. Added to this has been a growing awareness of the importance of digital inclusion, a significance that is not going away as services and other activities move online.

Oxfordshire Homeless Movement

Oxfordshire Homeless Movement is a partnership of organisations choosing to come together to cooperate, to kickstart a new approach to tackling rough sleeping and homelessness on our doorstep. Find out more

Growing Minds

Growing Minds is an innovative and ground-breaking initiative to improve school readiness in disadvantaged communities. The project combines tested interventions to multiply impact. Find out more

Age Friendly Banbury

Age Friendly Banbury is a partnership between local organisations with an interest in making Banbury an age-friendly town. It brings together older people, community leaders, local charities, businesses, and local councils. Find out more

Getting Oxfordshire Online

Getting Oxfordshire Online seeks to tackle digital exclusion across the whole of the county, by putting the infrastructure in place to deliver a sustainable, long-term solution. By 2025, the majority of those who are not currently online should have the digital access they need.  Find out more

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