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During the past six months OCF’s processes, governance and business planning mechanisms have been evaluated by an independent assessor, achieving an overall Quality Accreditation score of 53 out of 55.

UKCF Quality Accreditation badgeThe Quality Accreditation assessment is coordinated by the national community foundations umbrella body UKCF. Membership of UKCF is contingent on every community foundation passing the rigorous Quality Accreditation assessment every three years. This ensures we meet common standards of governance, good financial management and proactive business planning.

We are delighted that we have successfully passed Quality Accreditation for the fourth time (QA4), assessed in summer 2017 – and in fact that we achieved “exemplar” ratings on all but two of the core standards assessed (ie a score of 5/5 – for the other two we received 4/5). This provides our donors and supporters with the reassurance that we will handle funds and relationships with the utmost professionalism.

Via our membership of UKCF we have access to a huge amount of experience from within all 46 of the UK’s separate community foundations. Within this network, sharing and close collaboration happens daily, and our operational links mean we are the go-to organisations for regional and national grant funders such as the Police and Crime Commissioner or Comic Relief.

Find out more about the criteria against which OCF was assessed as part of QA4