EventsNewsHigh Sheriff Monawar Hussain plants a tree with local dignitaries

High Sheriff Imam Monawar Hussain gathered locals and county dignitaries together at Mughlai Manor restaurant in Garsington on Sunday to plant a tree for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. It was the chance to thank more Oxfordshire heroes who have gone above and beyond during the pandemic.

Monawar welcomed people from the village alongside community leaders, local magistrates and politicians, including Lord Mayor of Oxford Mark Lygo and Chair of Oxfordshire County Council John Howson. OCF’s Kate Parrinder was present to represent the team.

The event was the latest in a series of gatherings to thank local heroes, including two volunteers from Bicester who coordinated parking at a vaccination centre processing 1,700 jabs a day; and PCSOs from Thames Valley Police, who are out there supporting us all 24/7.

Collage of photos of the people mentioned in the story

A tree was planted in the garden at Mughlai Manor, a pub turned Indian restaurant in the hilltop village of Garsington. Monawar’s mission as High Sheriff has been to celebrate the dedication and hard work of those who haven’t received the recognition they deserve during the last 12 months. On his travels round the county he has shared inspirational tales of altruism and love from across our community towards those who are needy, who keep our county moving, despite the personal risk. Speaking of his achievements, Mark Lygo articulated the general consensus: “What you’ve done is led by example and given us hope.”

Monawar also presented two surprise High Sheriff’s Awards. The first was to Aziz Rahman, restaurateur and our host at Mughlai Manor, for the charity work he has supported for many years. He said: “Giving is such a pleasure. I hope my children and grandchildren follow in the same.” The second was to Jawaid Malik, Chair of the Asian Cultural Centre in Oxford, for his work as a volunteer magistrate for over 20 years, helping ensure that 96% of criminal cases start and end with magistrates, without having to come in front of the Crown Court.

Monawar’s year as High Sheriff will come to an end at the end of March. OCF is very proud that Monawar already sits on our Board of Trustees, and look forward to seeing more of him when he becomes less busy! He will be succeeded as High Sheriff by local businessman Mark Beard, who is also a donor and fundholder at OCF.

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