People of different ethnicities celebrate together at an event

As part of our Delivering Impact programme, OCF is seeking to award grants that bring people from different backgrounds together.

Amounts available: £1,501–£10,000

Group annual income: Maximum £1 million

Type of cost: Work that brings together people from different ethnic or socio-economic backgrounds, or different ages

Timescales: Grant to be spent within the next six to 12 months

Closing date: 31st July 2019 at midday


OCF is seeking applications for work that is tackling some of the problems identified in our new Needs Analysis Report – Community Friendship. We recommend that you download and read the report before starting a grant application. The answers you give to the questions in the application need to convince our independent panel that the work you do will help alleviate the problems identified in the report.

Preferred outcomes

  • Improved community cohesion
  • Improved mental and emotional health/wellbeing
  • Improved social networks
  • Increased community resilience
  • Increased interpersonal skills

Preferred beneficiaries

  • People of different ethnic origins
  • People living in poverty/disadvantage
  • Refugees/asylum seekers
  • People of different generations
  • People with differing life experiences
  • Young people who are educationally disadvantaged

Please see the Needs Analysis report for more details.


Please read the general eligibility criteria at the bottom of this page, which give an overview of the criteria for all our grants programmes. The online application form will require you to supply specified documentation showing evidence of good governance, as well as an appropriate referee.

Your application will be assessed by our office-based grants team, and you may be asked further questions about your application at this stage. Our independent panel of volunteers with sector expertise will then review and prioritise all the applications at their next meeting. Successful grants will be paid within 30 days of notification, and your project cannot commence before the award is made.

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Projects we support - find them on GrantNav

Donnington Doorstep

Donnington Doorstep is an independent, community-based family centre delivering a range of universal and specialist services. Via their weekly drop-in ‘stay and play’ sessions, parenting courses and dedicated case workers, the centre engages informally with hard-to-reach families in a deprived area of Oxford.

Full Circle

Full Circle works with schools to set up intergenerational groups that bring together children and older volunteers. They bring older and younger people together on a weekly basis, with the aim of nurturing friendship and understanding between the generations.


Home-Start is a voluntary organisation that promotes the welfare of families with young children.