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After more than four years as Chair of Trustees at Oxfordshire Community Foundation (OCF), John Taylor has decided to stand down at the end of this financial year, 31st March 2020. The end of a financial year is a natural breakpoint to allow the Trustees and CEO to develop the business plan and budget for the next year, which for OCF will have a strong focus on achieving a step change in fund development.

Inspired by John’s leadership, OCF has transformed itself from a grant maker to an organisation committed to unlocking the power of our communities through its strategic programmes. OCF builds cross-sector partnerships to design long-term, preventative projects to tackle Oxfordshire’s most pressing social problems: homelessness, educational disadvantage, and loneliness and isolation. This brings new demands in terms of funding and project implementation; without the financial firepower, OCF will be unable to achieve its ambitions to make a real difference. Now that the strategic transformation is underway, it is a good time to bring in a new leader to continue to drive OCF forward in the implementation of the strategic programmes coupled with a clear focus on fund development.

John’s vision, energy and leadership have played an inspirational role in transforming OCF, building its team and enhancing its reputation. He has a passion for the causes OCF supports and we look forward to his continuing involvement in OCF through Growing Minds and as a fundholder. “Growing Minds, a project  that will help disadvantaged children to be school ready is a great example of the new approach” said John, “OCF has convened a partnership of educational and childhood development charities, schools, children’s centres and the NHS to deliver the programme – a unique combination that will enable us to deliver and measure the results.”

Trustee Nick Case has been elected Vice Chair and will work with John to hand over his responsibilities and lead the search for a new Chair. The first few months of 2020 are busy ones for OCF with the operational start of Growing Minds, the arrival of the new Chief Operating Officer and detailed planning for the celebration of our 25th anniversary in April. The search for a new Chair will be initiated once we are confident that these activities have been successfully completed.

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