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Charity Triage

Charity Triage is a service that helps local charities struggling with funding or governance.

Currently, due in part to the reduction of funding from local and national government, many charities are finding it hard to remain sustainable. There is concern that at first signs of financial difficulty, groups are wasting valuable time by not coming forward for help, but opting to hope that grant application success will come in time, as they fear that being honest might put applications at risk.

As infrastructure organisations, OCF, Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action (OCVA) and Charity Mentors are best placed and most likely to hear about charities facing difficulties in funding; finding trustees or volunteers; governance; or who require mentoring. We aim to identify those at risk more promptly and offer appropriate help through collaboration and the sharing of data between our three organisations, as well as bringing in the support of OCF grant assessors, councillors, other pro bono volunteers, the Lord Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenants, and the charities themselves. This service is Charity Triage.

How to refer a charity

A nomination form can be downloaded here, and should be completed by anyone in the community who wishes to express a concern about the health of a charitable group.

The nomination form must only be completed and submitted with the permission of the group. A representative of the organisation must agree that the concern expressed about the group is valid, and the name and position of this representative included on the form. The nomination form will be submitted to OCVA or to OCF where the form will be kept on the OCF Salesforce database.


The information collected on the nomination form will be kept confidential and shared only between representatives of the Charity Triage group (Charity Mentors, OCF and OCVA).

Should further meetings or assistance be given to the group these should be recorded on the record on the OCF database. This and any further information gathered during assistance or meetings will continue to be kept confidential and shared only with representatives of the Charity Triage group.
It is expected that there will be an interest in the outcomes of the support being provided by Charity Triage; in such cases any outcomes shared will always be anonymised unless an organisation has given their express permission and consent for any specific details to be shared and attributed to their named organisation.

Charity Triage process
Charity Triage process diagram