Withy King staff in Oxford present a large chequeRoyds Withy King is a law firm based in Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and the West of England. Partners at the firm make an annual donation to the community foundations of Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Quartet as part of their long-term commitment to support local charities making an impact at a grassroots level in areas where the firm operates.





Royds Withy King has a thriving social and community focus. Its staff regularly participate in fundraising events and volunteer to support a range of local charitable projects.

In 2011, the partners and staff of Royds Withy King decided to review these charitable activities and seek out best practice in this area. After a period of consultation, an agreement and commitment was made to implement a strategy that would both achieve high levels of staff engagement as well as ensure the firm made a wide-ranging and long-term impact on their local communities.


Given these considerations, the community foundation model was very appealing to the Royds Withy King team. This model is based on the notion that people and businesses can pool their charitable resources to build a big fund that helps small organisations. A community foundation holds a permanent endowment fund that grows over time – not just through donations but through professional asset management. Grants to small local charities are awarded from the interest coming from this fund, and all the while the capital gets bigger – ensuring there will always be funds available for the community, well into the future.

Royds Withy King makes an annual donation to OCF, which for four years benefited from match funding provided by the government, available exclusively to community foundations.


Royds Withy King’s support helps OCF deliver a professional, efficient service to its donors and grant recipients. Projects funded range from mentoring and training for vulnerable young adults, to support for disabled, elderly or homeless people. Graham Street, Managing Partner says: “The community foundation makes it very easy for Royds Withy King to get involved and become more strategic with our charitable giving. Working in partnership with OCF gives us the confidence we need as a local business to know our donations are making a real, long-term difference.”

“Working in partnership with OCF gives us the confidence we need as a local business to know our donations are making a real, long-term difference.”

Graham Street
Managing Partner, Royds Withy King

At a glance
  • Corporate named fund adding a strategic local element to the organisation’s CSR
  • Local law firm taking the opportunity to support a diverse portfolio of charitable organisations across the county via one simple donation
Social Themes
  • Supporting a range of people-focused causes in Oxfordshire that match particular needs of those in the community
  • For example, keeping elderly people active – employee volunteers have visited care homes for weekly ‘ping pong’ sessions with residents
Benefits of working with OCF
  • An easy, simple and effective way of supporting a variety of causes close to the hearts of employees
  • Access to significant match-funding and professional investment management to boost the value of donations
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