Hosted by Oxfordshire Community Foundation, the Future-Building Fund is a project initiated by a group of donors who wanted to focus on capacity building within the local charitable sector, helping charities to become stronger and more impactful. The group funds infrastructure projects that extend a charity’s reach and impact, and increase sustainability.



The background to this fund is that several individuals with first-hand experience of the voluntary sector realised that small local charities often had trouble taking a long-term, strategic approach. They are encouraged to be business-like, but at the same time asked to sell their product at very low margins. Rather than help these groups to apply short-term ‘sticking plasters’, or to diversify unhelpfully in order to chase funding, these individuals wanted to provide a more significant type of support so that charities could build better foundations.


The philosophy of the fund is to seek to give intelligently to charities in our area. All donors to the fund believe in the concept of investing in good organisations in order to create a stronger platform for delivery.


The individuals concerned set up a named fund within Oxfordshire Community Foundation. As one of the founders said: “This seems to me to be a good example of a partnership between a group of ‘philanthropists’ – people who are willing and able to give – with an organisation who can provide the back-up and intelligence to do this well. OCF’s backing has given confidence to our benefactors, and we think that the professionalism of the process they support will encourage further giving.”

“OCF is creating an environment where people get excited about giving and making a real difference to charitable enterprises.”

Donor to the Future-Building Fund

At a glance
  • Group of philanthropically minded donors wanting to pool their resources to make a big difference
  • Individuals from a variety of professional backgrounds with a wide range of experience to share
Social Themes
  • Capacity-building and strengthening of the charity sector
  • Facilitating a ‘step-change’ in the strategic ability of community organisations to improve lives
Benefits of working with OCF
  • Established, professional infrastructure for giving and grant-making
  • Positive public profile with which to be associated
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